7 Research Notes for NFL Draft 1979 and related
2009.04.16  Cardinals Could Draft RB
The Cardinals are widely rumored to be interested in a running back in the first round to replace Edgerrin James. Each of the last three running backs selected in the first round by the Cardinals have been selected to at least one Pro Bowl.
Running Backs Selected in First Round by Cardinals - Since 1975
Year Player School Pro Bowls
2000 Thomas Jones Virginia 1>>
1993 Garrison Hearst Georgia 2>>
1979 Ottis Anderson Miami (Fla.) 2
>> 0 Pro Bowls as member of Cardinals
2009.04.15  1979 NFL Draft School Breakdown
Most Draft Picks by School - 1979 NFL Draft
Notre Dame 10
Oklahoma 10
Penn State 9
Nebraska 8
2009.04.13  Bills Frequently go to Big Ten Well
In the past 10 drafts the Bills have spent four 1st round picks on players from the Big Ten.
Bills 1st Round Draft Picks from Big Ten Schools - Since 1999
Year Player Pos School
2006 Donte Whitner S Ohio State
2004 Lee Evans WR Wisconsin
2001 Nate Clements CB Ohio State
1999 Antoine Winfield CB Ohio State
2009.04.13  Bills Like Ohio State Players
The Bills could select James Laurinaitis or Malcolm Jenkins in the 1st round; it would be the 5th time the Bills have selected an Ohio State player in the first round in the common draft era.
Ohio State Buckeyes Selected in 1st Round by Bills - Common Draft Era
Year Player Pos
2006 Donte Whitner S
2001 Nate Clements CB
1999 Antoine Winfield CB
1979 Tom Cousineau LB
2009.04.13  Rams Rarely Pick from ACC
Between Eugene Monroe and Aaron Curry, there is a strong possibility the Rams will select a player from the ACC. It would be the fifth time they've drafted a player in the first round from the ACC.
Rams First-Round Picks from Current ACC Schools - Common Draft Era
Year Player Pos School
1989 Cleveland Gary RB Miami
1989 Bill Hawkins DE Miami
1979 Kent Hill OT Georgia Tech
1975 Dennis Harrah OT Miami
7 Research Notes for NFL Draft 1979 and related
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