6 Research Notes for NFL Draft 1977 and related
2009.04.15  1977 NFL Draft School Breakdown
Most Draft Picks by School - 1977 NFL Draft
USC 14
Colorado 9
Boston College 8
Texas A&M 7
Georgia 7
Kansas 7
2009.04.13  Dolphins Rarely Select Linebacker
The Dolphins have not selected a linebacker in the 1st round since 1984.
Linebackers Selected in 1st Round by Dolphins - Common Draft Era
Year Player School
1984 Jackie Shipp Oklahoma
1977 A.J. Duhe LSU
1976 Larry Gordon Arizona State
2009.04.13  Vikings First-Round Quarterbacks
The Vikings could make Josh Freeman just the 3rd quarterback selected in the 1st round in team history.
Quarterbacks Selected in 1st Round by Vikings - Team History
Year Player School Pro Bowls
1999 Daunte Culpepper Central Florida 3
1977 Tommy Kramer Rice 1
2009.04.13  Chargers Rarely Pick OL in First Round
The Chargers may select an offensive tackle in the 1st round for the 1st time since 1986.
Offensive Linemen Selected in 1st Round by Chargers - Common Draft Era
Year Player Pos School
1986 James Fitzpatrick OT USC
1985 Jim Lachey OT Ohio State
1977 Bob Rush C Memphis
1968 Russ Washington OT Missouri
2009.04.13  Rams Rarely Choose Linebackers
Another option for the Rams could be to select Aaron Curry. He would become just the fifth linebacker selected by the Rams in the first round in the past 35 years.
Linebackers Drafted by Rams - First Round, Last 35 Years
Year Player School
2002 Robert Thomas UCLA
1981 Mel Owens Michigan
1979 George Andrews Nebraska
1977 Bob Brudzinski Ohio State
6 Research Notes for NFL Draft 1977 and related
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