The 2009 NFL Draft took place April 25th and 26th at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The draft consisted of seven rounds -- two on the first day and five on the second day. The Detroit Lions had the No. 1 overall selection after finishing 0-16 during the 2008 season. They selected Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford after coming to a contract agreement with him on April 24th.

The first round was completed in three hours and 23 minutes, seven minutes faster than the first round in 2008. The second round was completed in two hours and 24 minutes, resulting in a total time of five hours and 47 minutes for the first day. The entire draft took 15 hours and 15 minutes.
Compensatory Picks
The complete draft order for the 2009 NFL Draft was set on March 23rd, 2009. The NFL awarded 32 compensatory draft choices to supplement the 224 regularly-scheduled choices in the draft. The Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals were each awarded four compensatory picks for their free agents lost in 2008.
Saturday Draft Day Trades
1 - Cleveland traded its first-round pick to the New York Jets for the Jets' first- (No. 17) and second-round (No. 52) picks, plus DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff and DB Abram Elam. New York selected Mark Sanchez, qb, USC. Cleveland traded (No. 17) to Tampa Bay and selected Andy Levitre, g, Oregon State.

2- Cleveland traded its first-round (No. 17) pick to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' first- (No. 19) and sixth-round (No. 191) picks. Tampa Bay selected Josh Freeman, qb, Kansas State. Cleveland traded (No. 19) to Philadelphia.

3 - Cleveland traded its first-round (No. 19) pick to Philadelphia for the Eagles' first- (No. 21) and sixth-round (No. 195) picks. Philadelphia selected Jeremy Maclin, wr, Missouri. Cleveland selected Alex Mack, c, California.

4 - New England traded its first-round (No. 23) pick to Baltimore for the Ravens' first- (No. 26) and fifth-round (No. 162) picks. Baltimore selected Michael Oher, ot, Mississippi.

5 - New England traded its first- (No. 26) and fifth-round (No. 162) picks to Green Bay for the Packers' second- (No. 41) and third-round (No. 73 and 83) picks. Green Bay selected Clay Matthews, lb, USC.

6- Seattle traded its second-round (No. 37) pick to Denver for the Broncos' 2010 first-round pick. Denver selected Alphonso Smith, db, Wake Forest.

7 - Oakland traded its second- (No. 40) and fifth-round (No. 164) picks to New England for the Patriots' second- (No. 47), fourth-(No. 124) and sixth-round (No. 199) picks. New England selected Ron Brace, dt, Boston College. Oakland selected Michael Mitchell, db, Ohio.

8 - San Francisco traded its second- (No. 43) and fourth-round (No. 111) picks to Carolina for the Panthers' 2010 first-round pick. Carolina selected Everette Brown, dt, Florida State.

9 - Chicago traded its second-round (No. 49) pick to Seattle for the Seahawks third- (No. 68) and fourth-round (No. 105) picks. Seattle selected Max Unger, c, Oregon.

10 - Dallas traded its second-round (No. 51) pick to Buffalo for the Bills' third- (No. 75) and fourth-round (No. 110) picks. Buffalo selected Andy Levitre, g, Oregon State.

11 - Miami traded its second-round (No. 56) pick to Indianapolis for the Colts' second- (No. 61) and fifth-round (No. 165) picks. Indianapolis selected Fili Moala, dt, USC. Miami selected Sean Smith, db, Utah.

12 - Pittsburgh traded its second- (No. 64) and fourth-round (No. 132) picks to Denver for the Broncos' third-round (Nos. 79 and 84) picks. Denver selected Richard Quinn, te, North Carolina.
Sunday Draft Day Trades
13 - Detroit traded its third-round (No. 65) pick to the New York Jets for the Jets' third- (No. 76), fourth- (No. 115) and seventh-round (No. 228) picks. New York selected Shonn Greene, rb. Iowa. Detroit selected DeAndre Levy, lb, Wisconsin, Sammie Lee Hill, dt, Stillman and Lydon Murtha, ot, Nebraska.

14 - New England traded its third-round (No. 73) pick to Jacksonville for the Jaguars' seventh-round pick (No. 232) and 2010 second-round pick. Jacksonville selected Derek Cox, db, William & Mary. New England selected Julian Edelman, wr, Kent State.

15 - Philadelphia traded its third-round (No. 85) pick to the New York Giants for the Giants' third- (No. 91) and fifth-round (No. 164) picks. New York selected Asher Allen, db, Georgia. Philadelphia traded (No. 91) to Seattle and (No. 164) to New Orleans.

16 - New England traded its third- (No. 89) pick to Tennessee for the Titans' 2010 second-round pick. Tennessee selected Jared Cook, te, South Carolina.

17 - Philadelphia traded its third-round (No. 91) pick to Seattle for the Seahawks' fifth- (No. 137) and fifth-round (No. 213) picks\ and 2010 third-round pick. Seattle selected Deon Butler, wr, Penn State. Philadelphia traded (No. 137) to New England and selected Paul Fanaika, g, Arizona State.

18 - Dallas traded its fourth-round (No. 117) pick to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' fourth- (No. 120) and seventh-round (No. 229) picks. Tampa Bay selected Kyle Moore, de, Southern Cal. Dallas selected Brandon Williams, lb, Texas Tech and Manuel Johnson, wr, Oklahoma.

19 - New England traded DB Ellis Hobbs to Philadelphia for the Eagles' fifth-round (No. 137 and No. 141) picks. New England traded (No. 137) and (No. 141) to Baltimore.

20 - Baltimore traded its fourth- (No. 123) and sixth-round (No. 198) picks to New England for the Patriots' fifth-round (No. 137 and No. 141) picks. New England selected Rich Ohrnberger, g, Penn State and Jake Ingram, ls, Hawaii. Baltimore selected Jason Phillips, lb, TCU and traded (No. 141) to Denver.

21 - Baltimore traded its fifth- (No. 141) pick to Denver for the Broncos' fifth- (No. 149) and sixth-round (No. 185) picks. Denver selected Kenny McKinley, wr, South Carolina. Baltimore selected Davon Drew, te, East Carolina and Cedric Peerman, rb, Virginia.

22 - Atlanta traded its fifth-round (No. 143) pick to Dallas for the Cowboys' fifth- (No. 156) and seventh-round (No. 210) pick. Dallas selected DeAngelo Smith, db, Cincinnati. Atlanta selected Garrett Reynolds, ot, North Carolina and Vance Walker, dt, Georgia Tech.

23 - Washington traded its fifth-round (No. 150) pick to Minnesota for the Vikings' fifth- (No. 158) and seventh-round (No. 221) picks. Minnesota selected Jasper Brinkley, lb, South Carolina. Washington selected Cody Glenn, lb, Nebraska and Eddie Williams, rb, Idaho.

24 - Philadelphia traded its fifth-round (No. 164) pick to New Orleans for the Saints seventh-round pick (No. 222) and 2010 fifth-round pick. New Orleans selected Thomas Morstead, p, SMU. Philadelphia traded (No. 222) to Indianapolis.

25 - Detroit traded its sixth-round (No. 174) pick to Denver for the Broncos' seventh-round pick (No. 235) and 2010 fifth-round pick. Denver selected Tom Brandstater, qb, Fresno State. Detroit selected Zach Follet, lb, California.

26 - Carolina traded its sixth-round (No. 202) pick to Oakland for the Raiders' seventh-round pick (No. 216) and 2010 sixth-round pick. Oakland selected Brandon Myers, te, Iowa. Carolina selected Captain Munnerlyn, db, South Carolina.

27 - Philadelphia traded its seventh-round (No. 222) pick to Indianapolis for the 2010 sixth-round pick. Indianapolis selected Pat McAfee, p, West Virginia.

28 - Miami traded its seventh-round (No. 237) pick to Kansas City for the Chiefs' 2010 seventh-round pick. Kansas City selected Jake O'Connell, te, Miami (Ohio).