The 1983 NFL Draft took place on April 26-27, 1983 at the New York Sheraton. The 1983 Draft consisted of 335 selections divided over 12 rounds.

This draft is commonly referred to as "The Year of the Quarterback", due to six quarterbacks being selected in the first round. They were John Elway (No. 1, Colts), Todd Blackledge (No. 7, Chiefs), Jim Kelly (No. 14, Bills), Tony Eason (No. 15, Patriots), Ken O'Brien (No. 24, Jets) and Dan Marino (No. 27, Dolphins).

Elway was the final first-round selection of the Baltimore Colts, as they moved to Indianapolis prior to the 1984 NFL Draft. Elway never played for the Colts, having informed the team before the draft that he would refuse to join Baltimore if selected. Elway had a professional baseball offer from the New York Yankees, as well as an offer from the competing USFL, but was traded to the Broncos a week after the draft, and agreed to a five-year deal with Denver.

Of the 28 players selected in the first round, 15 ended up being selected to at least one Pro Bowl during their career, and six have been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Interestingly, the top two players selected (Elway, Eric Dickerson) and the last two first-round picks (Marino, Darrell Green), are all Hall-of-Famers.

The final pick, commonly known as Mr. Irrelevant, was John Tuggle, a running back who was selected 335th overall by the Giants. He played 16 games during his one-season NFL career, rushing for 49 yards and one touchdown. The player selected immediately before Tuggle was Anthony Carter, who began his career in the USFL, then played 11 seasons in the NFL. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection.