2 Research Notes for Matthew Stafford and related
2009.04.09  SEC QBs are Hit-Or-Miss
Quarterbacks from the SEC have been hit-or-miss in recent years.
Quarterbacks Drafted in 1st Round - From SEC, Since 2000
2007 JaMarcus Russell LSU Raiders
2006 Jay Cutler Vanderbilt Broncos
2005 Jason Campbell Auburn Redskins
2004 Eli Manning Ole Miss Chargers
2003 Rex Grossman Florida Bears
2006.02.01  Top 2006 Recruiting Classes
Top Ten Recruiting Classes - Tom Luginbill, Scouts Inc.
School Key Recruits
1. Florida QB Tim Tebow, WR Percy Havin
2. USC WR Vidal Hazelton, S Taylor Mays
3. Texas LB Sergio Kindle
4. Georgia QB Matthew Stafford
5. Notre Dame T Sam Young
6. LSU DT Al Woods
7. Penn State DE Maurice Evans
8. Ohio State RB Chris Wells
9. Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray
10.Auburn QB Neil Caudle
2 Research Notes for Matthew Stafford and related