Angelo Musi on winning the first championship in what was then the BAA.
Red Klotz on winning a championship with the Bullets in the BAA.
Slater Martin on winning with the Lakers and Hawks and the dominance of George Mikan.
Bob Wanzer on the 1951 Royals and playing with Knicks coach Red Holzman.
Dolph Schayes on the 1955 Nationals and how the shot clock changed the game.
Ernie Beck remembers the 1956 champion Warriors and playing with Wilt Chamberlain.
Former Celtics player, coach and broadcaster Tom Heinsohn on a championship legacy.
Bob Pettit on the 1958 Hawks, beating the Celtics and a near-miracle in 1957.
Billy Cunningham on winning with the 76ers as a player and a coach.
Dr. Jack Ramsay on winning with the Blazers, Bill Walton and Wilt Chamberlain.
Willis Reed on his championship years with the Knicks and his famous Game 7 moment.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on winning titles and MVPs with the Bucks and Lakers.
Jerry West on breaking through to win as a player in '72, then building two Laker dynasties.
Al Attles on the 1975 Warriors, coaching, and Golden State's recent brush with success.
Elvin Hayes on the '78 Bullets and the changing opinion of the greatest NBA teams.
Lenny Wilkens on coaching the '79 Sonics to a title and the challenge of being a player/coach.
Michael Cooper on the 1980s Lakers, Showtime and playing defense.
Bobby Jones on the 1983 76ers, Dr. J's amazing plays and "Fo' Fo' Fo'."
Joe Dumars on the highs (winning MVP) and lows (losing his father) of the NBA Finals.
Scottie Pippen on winning with the Bulls and Michael Jordan's greatness.
Robert Horry on winning seven titles and earning his "Big Shot" reputation.
Steve Kerr on his series-winning shot with the Bulls and going out on top.
Avery Johnson recounts the 1999 Finals and two of the greatest big men in NBA history.